Vintura and Cepton join forces!

3 May 2022 - By Marc-Olivier Bévierre

The new company will provide a holistic value proposition to clients in the life science industry and healthcare, across major European markets.


Amsterdam and Paris, May 3 2022: Cepton and Vintura are pleased to announce their merger, effective May 1st, 2022. The merger complements and enhances existing services offered by the two companies. Together, the two companies provide clients with extensive subject matter expertise and strategy consulting in key areas. With offices in the main European markets, such as Germany, UK, Benelux and France, the combined companies primarily deliver their services in Europe, while also serving global clients. This move is a pivotal first step to deliver unparalleled solutions to the fast-growing joint client base.

The merger between Vintura and Cepton will provide mutual benefits for both organizations and a stronger value proposition for the clients. Beyond traditional strategy and organization consulting skills, which both companies share, Cepton will bring expertise in transaction services for Private Equity, while Vintura will bring deep knowledge of services for Healthcare providers. Additionally, Vintura has a strong track record with big pharma, while Cepton has long-standing relationships with mid-size pharma, biotech, Private Equity and Venture Capital. For now, both companies will continue to operate under their well-established brands.

The merger with Cepton is a key step in our transformation journey to become THE International Life Science & Healthcare Strategy Boutique”, explains Gérard Klop, Founding Partner at Vintura. “We want to serve our customers better and with more impact. To have maximum impact we believe, you need to share your client’s language and culture, be near and have knowledge of and experience within the local healthcare system. The merger with Cepton, who are headquartered in France, will allow us to service current and new clients in one of the top five European markets” he adds.

Jean Reboullet, Founding Partner at Cepton states: “The merger will further solidify our presence in Europe, provide new opportunities and access to other healthcare markets and clients, as well as augment our portfolio with additional expertise and services.”

Gérard details: ”Both companies strongly believe in the power of diversified teams, especially in consulting, where offering new perspectives is key.” Jean adds: ”And most of all, Cepton and Vintura share the same values.”.

Vintura is a leading strategy consultancy company specialized in life sciences and healthcare across Europe. The company provides strategic and organizational consultancy services in the pharmaceutical and medical device sector, as well as in healthcare for care providers and payers. Vintura consists of 55+ dedicated professionals and has offices in the Netherlands, UK and Germany and is currently further expanding into Europe.  Vintura is part of the international PharmaLex Group, a leading worldwide provider of holistic solutions for the pharma, biotech and medtech industry.

Cepton is a healthcare strategy consultancy boutique headquartered in Paris, with 35 + professionals. They have similar and complementary services compared to Vintura and share the same ambition, values and professional standards. They have been voted top-3 healthcare strategy consultants in France for four years in a row.

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