PHARMACEUTICALS & BIOTECHNOLOGY CEPTON strategies, a Management Consulting firm for Healthcare Industries

A complex environment

Substantial invesments for significant innovation

Whether at an affiliate, regional, or global level, CEPTON’s consulting offer covers all aspects of your business including:

  • Organisational changes
  • International development
  • Industrial strategy
  • Launches of new products and activities
  • Acquisitions and spin-offs
  • Asset valuation
  • Marketing strategies
  • Performance optimisations with regards to both R&D and sales

We advise companies from start-ups to established transnational firms on the allocation of resources to generate the most value and drive ROI, and help them present their business proposition to attract investment.

Discover our other fields of intervention:

Specialty and hospital pharmaceuticals.

To facilitate effective commercial strategies, CEPTON provides support in the coordination of medical marketing and the formulation of market access strategy.

CEPTON has developed a robust ‘launch readiness’ methodology that helps clients optimise the preparation of their key product launches. Our methodology has been utilised extensively in numerous therapeutic areas including: oncology, psychiatry, diabetes, and rare or autoimmune diseases. Our subject matter expertise enables us to help develop launch strategies suited to your target market and product.


Our expertise also covers the drastically different, more consumer-orientated OTC markets.

We have developed and tested specific methodologies to enhance commercial performance in an OTC environment, by optimising the marketing mix and commercial policies to reflect the point of sale and consumer.
As these markets are extremely fragmented and brand-driven, we can also help our clients identify the best acquisition targets to complement their product lines in specific categories.

Biosimilars and generics.

The varied dynamics of generics and biosimilars provide opportunities to firms that can adapt. Patent expiration results in strong market disruption, with firms needing to adapt their approach to protect their position in the market.

CEPTON advises clients on strategies to anticipate these disruptions and potential consequences on their organisation. Biosimilars, in particular, represent an array of new market opportunities, particularly in Europe where significantly more biosimilars are already on the market compared to the US.


CEPTON also has significant experience advising biotech companies.

We help them define their value proposition and commercial model and ensure their business plans are realistic and attractive to investors. We highlight clear development priorities to efficiently utilise limited resources.

«A General Management consulting firm for the Healthcare Industry.»

In the fields of Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology, we also work on production and R&D issues:



We propose ideas to optimise the cost-effectiveness of your factory. This may include new strategies pertaining to product portfolio.


Strategic development of R&D

We have also helped R&D service firms (CRO/CDMO) build growth strategies.

CEPTON Strategies news

Here are all the reports and analysis we published along with the press articles about us

CEPTON is the author of many publications in the field of healthcare and pharmaceuticals and our partners are often interviewed by the specialized press.


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