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A strategy consulting firm focused on a high growth sector

A strong industry expertise, within a human-scale company

Our consulting firm is an European “strategy boutique” which constantly adjusts to the evolution of top executives’ needs and expectations towards our profession.

CEPTON has gathered a complete, comprehensive set of experiences and skills among our teams, making us a reliable and trustworthy resource. Each of the seven partners has over 20 years experience as former executives in the area of their expertise or in large international consulting firms (including: Roland Berger, Booz Allen Hamilton, AT Kearney, BCG, Arthur D. Little).

This experience, and all the accumulated connections we have, ensure we can help you design marketing, supply chain or industrial strategies, and advise on transactional and organizational matters. CEPTON is equipped to help you reach your goals in terms of productivity, sales force, and R&D, and ensure you are well supported for all financial transactions.

We use small but efficient teams of consultants directly managed by one of our partners. We abide by strict confidentiality rules and remain free from conflicts of interest to ensure your needs are never compromised.


Building your success on our strengths

We strive to deliver the highest level of work too all our clients. Our people are at the heart of this and share four strong values.

Seniority and expertise

At CEPTON, we truly believe that industry expertise and seniority are at the heart of the value a good consultancy should bring.


CEPTON’s success relies on engaging small, flexible and reactive teams under the direct responsibility of a partner.


All our consultants have strong entrepreneurship mindsets that allow them to provide out-of-the-box contributions and competitive advantage to our customers.


We work with you, rather than for you.


Industry knowledge and professional experience

Highly experienced, our partners have in-depth industry knowledge and are involved every day with their teams in project execution: with CEPTON, our clients interact with senior people on a daily basis.

Jean Reboullet

Managing partner - Paris

Marc-Olivier Bévierre

Partner - Paris

Francis Turina-Malard

Partner - Paris

Thomas A. Collet

PARTNER - Boston

Camille Bertin

Associate Partner - Paris

Matthias Bucher

Associate Partner - Paris

Maxime Bourdon

Associate Partner - Paris


My experience at CEPTON

After graduating from ESSEC Business School and following several experiences in large companies and an internship in management consulting, I understood I wanted to work in a strategy consulting firm. Why join CEPTON? For several reasons: a focus on strategic projects, a specialization in a fast-growing sector – the health industry – and a small structure which I was looking for.

During my 5 years at CEPTON, I saw the firm grow and strengthen its reputation within the healthcare industry. We now have more clients, more diversified projects and at a larger scale. This was also an opportunity for me to participate actively in the development of the firm, organizing the recruitment and integration of consultants and working on ways to improve our internal processes.

Camille - Project Manager - ESSEC
Find Camille on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/camillebertin/

My experience at CEPTON

At the end of my studies, I was determined to work in the field of biotechnologies and healthcare, and I chose CEPTON for my end-of-studies internship in order to learn more about the healthcare sector.
Consulting, through the variety of missions and challenges encountered, was an excellent way to get a first overall view of the health industry and its stakes.

After a persuasive first experience in internship, I finally decided to join Cepton as Consultant. Indeed, at CEPTON, I found not only high intellectual requirements but also a mindful management and a welcoming and warm team spirit. It is a great work environment!

Juliette - Consultant - Ecole Polytechnique, Mines ParisTech
Find Juliette on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/juliette-mercury/

My experience at CEPTON

After graduating from ESSEC Business School, I decided to join CEPTON for multiple reasons: working directly with experienced partners, diversity of projects, and the strong empowerment given to consultants. We work in small teams, but the quality standards are extremely high, at the same level as large international consulting firms.

Matthias - Project Manager - ISMANS, ESSEC
Find Matthias on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthias-bucher/

My experience at CEPTON

After graduating from a master’s degree in Physics from the ENS Lyon and a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Oxford, I have decided to leave academia and to join a boutique management consulting firm.

Joining Cepton has quickly become an obvious choice. The way Cepton works is closed to what you can find in academia as it is a human-size company. There is little hierarchy and consultants are quickly empowered and interact directly with client’s top management. Other key factors in the choice of Cepton were the growth of the company and its reputation among the top French consulting firms in the Healthcare sector.

Charles - Senior Consultant - ENS Lyon, University of Oxford
Find Charles on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/charlessavoie/


An international network

We cover all geographies thanks to a network of partners who share our values and high-quality working approaches.


CEPTON Strategies

11, rue Lincoln
75008 Paris


Grafenaustrasse 1
CH-6300 Zug

United States

Collet Consulting LLC

One Broadway, 14th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02142


RR Advisors

Maximilianstrasse 31
80539 Munich


CEPTON Strategies

Rua Bandeira Paulista, 65 – Itaim Bibi
São Paulo – Capital


Spiren Healthcare

RM 1805 – Tower B - R&F Center
East 3rd Ring Road - Beijing

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