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Here are all reports and analysis we published along with some of the press articles about us

CEPTON has published many articles in the field of healthcare and pharmaceuticals, and our partners are frequently intervied by press within our industry sectors.

Orphan drugs: a lasting success story

Posted on 18.03.2020 by Marine Mousseaux

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Cepton amongst the leading healthcare and pharma consulting firms according to the magazine "Les décideurs"

Posted on 04.02.2020 by Marine Mousseaux

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AI in drug discovery: will tomorrow’s New Molecule Entities be discovered by robots?

Posted on 02.09.2019 by Maxime Huerre

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The growing role of Real-World Evidence, from regulatory strategies to patient management

Posted on 30.04.2019 by Maxime Huerre

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Forever young: how the cult of beauty created a $11bn medical aesthetics market

Posted on 22.01.2019 by Maxime Huerre

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CEPTON ranked among the top consulting firms in Healthcare and Pharma Industry by the magazine "Les Décideurs"

Posted on 21.01.2019 by Maxime Huerre

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