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CEPTON is a renowned strategy consulting firm in its areas of expertise such as Pharma, Medtech & Healthcare Services. Being both authors and subjects of various publications in our partners’ fields of expertise, CEPTON is often covered by the specialized press.

Hepatitis C: the future landscape

Posted on 09.12.2012 by Department IT

New, breakthrough treatments of Hepatitis C are emerging, which are considerably more effective and lead to complete remission in more than 90% of cases.
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Molecular diagnostics: market dynamics and future developments

Posted on 07.06.2012 by Department IT

Colloque France Biotech, le 7 juin 2012. Molecular diagnostics is the key to personalized medicine. In that respect, it has a promising future.
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The Revolution of personalized medicine

Posted on 08.11.2011 by Department IT

From risk profiling to gene therapy and molecular diagnostics, personalized medicine opens new, exciting fields to medical research.
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