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Independent and discreet sparring partners

CEPTON offers a rare combination of strategy consulting and transaction advisory capabilities. Our analysis and recommendations are free of any conflict of interests and we guarantee absolute confidentiality. We act as independent and discrete sparring partners.

CEPTON’s partners have many years of experience in large, international strategy consulting firms or as former executives of leading companies in their fields of expertise; they have developed powerful methodologies to provide solutions to the most complex and challenging business situations. Should the need arise, we can also take over operational responsibility for the implementation of specific recommendations, including support in long or intermittent negotiations.

«Gaining a significant edge on the market, optimizing the allocation of the firm’s scarce resources.»


Strategy is the heart of our consulting firm’s expertise. To address the diversity of our clients questions, we only provide “à la carte” solutions: we recognize that your company has unique needs and adapt our approach to cater to you. CEPTON can assist in reorganizing a branch of activity, or in arbitrating between different possibilities of investment. Our teams can help you start new activities, spin-off another, or find a concrete solution to turnaround a business unit. We have in-depth capabilities to consult you in how to approach or develop business activities in new countries and sectors, and how to balance organic and external growth. In such projects, our senior partners experience and industry knowledge can make the difference for your long-term success.


We identify and evaluate targets and potential partners for external growth and perform a rigorous and robust due diligence service. We continue to provide up-to-date information throughout negotiations to ensure all current information is included, allowing for an accurate evaluation of assets. Finally, on completion of a transaction we conduct an eventual integration process, helping redefine the firm’s strategy and business plan, better preparing it for the future.

«Evaluating a target, building a Joint-Venture or an alliance, spinning-off an activity.»

«Understand and optimize your drivers of performance.»


Our consulting offer helps clients optimize their performance in their “core activities”. We cover a variety of areas such as industrial optimization and costing, R&D productivity enhancement, as well as new product launches. Our structured and tested methodologies can handle each and every scenario, to rapidly identify the potential weaknesses in the existing processes and to suggest relevant operational solutions on a case-by-case basis.


As there is no unique model of organization, we help our clients define the best options depending on their strategy: Business Unit, functional departments or separate entity, autonomy or strong control from headquarters… Once the target organization has been selected, we provide support to manage the transition. Whether it concerns the whole company or just one specific unit, CEPTON brings a reliable and reassuring support to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

«Defining the target organization, managing change.»

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