INDUSTRIES A consulting offer specialized in three fast-growing industries

«A General Management consulting firm for the Healthcare Industry.»


A tremendous growth potential, due to virtually unlimited demand.

Our consulting offer in the sectors of Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals covers all topics that are on the General Manager's agenda: reorganizations, international development, industrial strategy, launches of new product or new activities, acquisitions or spin-offs, asset valuation, marketing strategies, etc.


A very innovative and short-cycled segment.

CEPTON advises diagnostic and medtech players in their market access and development strategies. On these very dynamic and short-cycled segments of the Healthcarecare market where “time to market” is critical and acquisitions are numerous, it is not always easy to find the right path of development. CEPTON advises its clients on the best allocation of resources and product positioning, that will maximize the potential of their innovations.

«Rapidly gain access to markets and maintain a continuous flow of innovations.»

«A growing demand for quality in a difficult economic context.»


A sector in rapid consolidation and professionalization.

CEPTON advises Healthcare operators, such as Homecare providers looking after patients returing home after a hospital stay. In the context of a fast-growing demand combined with a strong pressure on prices, it has become critical to improve productivity while maintaining quality. CEPTON has worked with several homecare providers to help them grow and take advantage of the current market consolidation.


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