Our teams’ seniority at the service of your growth objectives.

Strategy is the heart of our consulting firm’s expertise. To address the diversity of our clients questions, we only provide “à la carte” solutions. CEPTON assists you in reorganizing a branch of your activity or in arbitrating between different possibilities of investment. Our teams help you start a new activity, spin-off another one, or find concrete solutions to turn around a Business Unit. Our offer in consulting also include guidance on how to get started or develop activity in a new country or in a new sector, and how to balance organic and external growth. In these projects, our Partners’ seniority and industry experience are crucial.

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Our teams are able to develop a complete launch strategy: market description and quantification, segmentation, positioning, key messages, scientific communication strategy, financial investments, sizing of teams, launch plan, product P&L, etc.

For example, our consulting teams from the Healthcare practice help our clients define pricing and market access strategies to obtain the highest possible value from their innovations. They will assist them in the design of a value dossier and a pharmaco-economic rationale and help them prepare negotiations with healthcare authorities. These capabilities have been developed in a large number of therapeutic areas, in particular oncology, dermatology, psychiatry, autoimmune diseases, hemophilia, infectious diseases, cardiology, nephrology, or diabetes.

Market access strategies and tools are included in our maximizing product launch methodology, that covers all the spectrum of activities involved in the launch of a new healthcare product.

Similarly, with their deep understanding of the energy, transports, telecommunications and digital industries, our consulting teams from the Services and Infrastructures sector can help you expand your activities in new countries while taking into account specific local regulations or distribution structures as well as competitors' positioning.


Our teams help you elaborate and develop defensive alliance strategies as well as offensive ones. The recommendations we make are based on your positioning within the competitive landscape and your ambitions in each of your markets.

For example, we help our clients enter new markets by identifying the most complementary partners in terms of presence and capabilities. We can then propose all types of alliances, from the pure acquisition of a firm to complex commercialization contracts or joint-ventures.

In other circumstances, our clients might want to find a partner to reinforce or sustain an existing activity which does not have the critical mass. In this case, our teams can pilot a process of sale or look for new investors.


Our teams help clients identify the most promising markets for which there will be important and unmet needs justifying major investments in R&D. We put those promising areas of work in perspective with their positioning and technological know-how, your resources, and their vision to help you make the best choices.

Our consulting teams in Health and Pharmaceuticals assist healthcare companies in defining their portfolio strategy: we could for instance work with them on the assessment of therapeutic domains and research areas on which to focus the company’s resources.

«Gaining a significant edge on the market, optimizing the allocation of the firm’s scarce resources.»


Our teams help clients make the most of your whole production assets. To reach your production and productivity objectives, we determine which sites should be specialized, strengthened, sold or closed. We also take external factors into account, such as political risks, economic environment or regulations, in particular regarding the relationships between local production and access to markets.

In situations where clients are considering developing a new product, we help them determine the best locations, the most appropriate technology and the most relevant “make or buy” strategy in order for the launch to be successful.


Our teams help our clients boost or restart the commercial dynamics of a product, should its performance have become insufficient: after a detailed evaluation, we formulate strategic recommendations (allocation of investments, evolution of product mix, evolution of the commercial model), but also operational ones (marketing mix, communication, performance indicators to monitor implementation of plans of action on the field, etc.).

For example, thanks to our expertise in the areas of healthcare and pharmaceuticals we have been involved in many domains: prescription medicines, OTC, healthcare services, medical devices, e-health, in-vitro and in-vivo diagnostics…


In a context of chronically underfunded health systems and rapidly increasing healthcare costs, it has become critical to demonstrate the medical and the economic value of a new healthcare product. This also means being well-aware of the - often very variable - evaluation criteria of the different national and regional Health Technology Assessment agencies. CEPTON helps its clients define price and market access strategies that will maximize the value of their innovations in this complex environment.

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Here are all the reports and analysis we published along with the press articles about us

CEPTON is the author of many publications in the field of healthcare and pharmaceuticals and our partners are often interviewed by the specialized press.


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