Optimizing the use of your resources.

In order to help you achieve your objectives, we help you optimize the performance of all branches of your activity.
The experienced and diverse profiles of our teams enable us to take an expert look at your processes and:

  • Evaluate the performance of your production teams and assets
  • Assess the effectiveness of your marketing and commercial strategy
  • Evaluate your R&D processes and highlight optimization potential

We can also help implement and manage changes as required.

Discover our other services:


CEPTON can identify ways to increase profitability by analysing the cost effectiveness of your facilities using a complete-costing model (ABC costing). This approach enables us to propose rationalisations of your product portfolio and to redefine your outsourcing strategy (make or buy?).

Our services also demonstrates potential improvements to your purchasing processes, as well as the optimisation of your batch sizes and stock handling capabilities.


We provide assistance in the leadership and governance of large industrial projects; should you require assistance pertaining to the geographical location for a new plant, or the extension or modification of your existing production capacities.

Our teams supervise the progress of these long, complex projects, ensuring the timeframe, budget, and objectives of each phase are met.
We structure the project into modules, facilitating effective interactions and team meetings with an efficient project governance. We will represent you and present reports to the executive committee throughout the project.


Our teams analyze and optimize the performance of your most visible and important product lines. We provide a diagnosis of existing data and submit recommendations, covering usually both technical and managerial aspects.

CEPTON developed Accelerate®, a methodology to quickly evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a commercial organization or process, while checking that a product’s expected positioning is aligned with the market perception.

«Understand and optimize your drivers of performance.»


Our partners and consultants are able to assess your Research and Development performance at every step of the process and across all projects including:

  • Sourcing and supply chain management
  • Portfolio governance and alignment with strategy
  • Decisions to invest in new projects
  • Transition between major milestones
  • Recommendations form or termination of underperforming projects

We can also model the workload and key competences required at each stage of the process to ensure your teams are adequately sized to complete your projects and objectives.

We create toolboxes and reference documents to support project managers, and develop indicators to monitor the progress of your project.
We are also able to analyse your projects from the human resource dimension, considering vital aspects including: quality of leadership, effectiveness of teamwork, and individual team member skill.


Launching a new drug or medical device is a complex process requiring significant coordination and knowledge.

CEPTON has developed a global launch framework and provides project management tools, a governance system, and a list of necessary activities to make a launch successful.

Our patented methodology MAXIMizing® was developed and optimized throughout product launch projects during the last fifteen years and helps us to provide effective support on every aspect of the launch.

CEPTON Strategies news

Here are all the reports and analysis we published along with the press articles about us

CEPTON is the author of many publications in the field of healthcare and pharmaceuticals and our partners are often interviewed by the specialized press.

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CEPTON ranked among the top consulting firms in Healthcare and Pharma Industry by the magazine "Les Décideurs"

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