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An accelerating energy and digital transition.

The energy and digital transitions have triggered tremendous change for industry players in the fields of energy, transportation, telecommunications and digital.

Confronted by the rapid development of new collaborative use models, and the current trend of personalised services, the traditional players in these fields have had to adapt their approach, reorganise their production processes and develop new strategies and alliances.

This shift has also led to opportunities for new firms to gain access to the markets previously dominated by large companies.

CEPTON has worked with both major firms and new players in these fields to adapt to the developments within the industries and create proactive strategies for long-term growth and sustainability.

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All players in the field of electricity are going through a transitional phase from a centralised production model towards a hybrid model.

This transition has impacted established networks and resulted in many novel projects combining industries previously separate and autonomous becoming necessary.

CEPTON has helped many firms of various sizes in setting up innovative projects and connecting businesses. For example, for one client we analysed the ecosystem of electricity storage and developed a market map to position all players relative to their competitive strengths. This led to us facilitating a large-scale industrial partnership between firms.

Public transports.

Large players in public transportations are facing a deep transformation in their economic and operational models due to the digital transformation. Confronted by the fast development of new collaborative uses and the current tendency of personalisation of services, experienced firms have had to readapt their offers, rationalise their production methods, and set up strategies and technological alliances.

CEPTON has advised players in this industry facilitating progress on innovative projects and joint ventures.
For example, we recently developed a strategy for a relatively new firm in the area of traveller information in public transportation. We analysed the market and developed and formulated a European market map and SWOT analysis. We then presented various scenarios for our client to highlight development opportunities, helping redesign their business plan and quantifying their financial needs. Finally, we created an action plan and presented this to senior management and shareholders.


Telecommunication operators are facing major challenges including: intense competition on basic services, strong needs for investment in last generation networks, multichannel strategies, and a convergence with digital services.

CEPTON has advised firms on innovative projects to new business operations. For example, we contributed to the development of a strategic partnership in digital production between an energy supplier and a telecommunications operator. We structured the objectives and set an appropriate depth for the partnership, preparing an information memorandum for both parties. We were then requested to handle the process, from managing the exchange of information to mediating the negotiations.

Digital services.

The digital transformation deeply impacted most industries and gave birth to many specialised start-ups.

CEPTON has assisted investment funds to assess the relevance of an investment and highlight risk factors which may impact negotiation strategy.

For example, we recently conducted a strategic due diligence of an early-stage venture in the field of B2B Cloud Software Services (Saas). We presented an analysis and competitive perceptive map of the market, demonstrating the competitive strengths and weaknesses of all players across Europe, the USA, China, and India. Highlighting the threats and opportunities of the firm allowed us to challenge and improve their business plan and assess their value. We then calculated various return on investments based on different scenarios of development.

«Transforming business models in an ever more open world.»

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