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CEPTON helps firms in industries such as Automobile, Aeronautics & Defence, High tech, Chemistry, Steel, Paper, Oil & Gas to adapt to the ever growing globalization of their markets.

With enlargement of the global markets, new opportunities for growth emerge in developing countries in need of equipment; in parallel, changes in consumption modes are creating new segments in high-income countries. CEPTON assists its clients in their development strategies on new market segments such as electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles or mobility services. CEPTON is also involved in the design of ambitious performance enhancement programs in the areas of supply chain, sales or R&D.

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The players in the automobile industry have to adapt to an ever-deepening globalization of their markets. There are both new opportunities for growth in developing countries with strong potential for equipment and a need for transformation in high-income countries.

CEPTON advises historic players as well as start-ups or investment funds in their strategic thinking. For example, we have done the strategic due diligence for a manufacturer of industrial machinery in the automobile sector in order to come up with a relevant grid of analysis of the market, the positioning and the competitiveness of other players in the segment in Europe and China. The strengths, weaknesses, risks and opportunities of the firm and its competitors have been identified and evaluated.

We have also researched investment partners for a startup in the field of electric mobility. We prepared an information memorandum, valued the company, identified and approached potential investment partners in Europe, handled the exchange of information process and facilitated the negotiations.

Other industries.

CEPTON helps investment funds in evaluating the relevance of an equity investment. We highlight the main risk factors in highly specialized and often poorly documented industrial sectors.

In both cases, the efficiency and the rigorous analytical methodologies of CEPTON allows to obtain the expected results in the generally short period of time of a due diligence process.

«A necessary transformation in an ever more open world.»

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CEPTON is the author of many publications in the field of healthcare and pharmaceuticals and our partners are often interviewed by the specialized press.

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