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Our Culture

At CEPTON, we achieve our goals together

At CEPTON, we follow a different approach of consulting based on the relationship we have with our clients. We position ourselves as their partner and solve key issues they are facing utilising our seniority and experience. The size of our firm allows us to adapt ourselves to each of our clients.

We consider the diversity of our team as a core resource for achieving high quality solutions and therefore welcome applications from a range of backgrounds; whether you have experience as a consultant, a leading manager, or as a scientist, for example.

A key characteristic of our team is the creative, entrepreneurial environment in which we work. We operate quickly and efficiently, forming concrete ideas based on facts and utilise a constructive, critical mindset.
At CEPTON, our successes are collective and our employees take benefit from the teams’ achievements from the beginning of their career.

What to expect...


We impose the highest standards on ourselves to ensure we benefit our clients in the greatest possible way. You will face demanding challenges, but you will be supported by senior team members. The skills and personal development of our employees represent the most valuable asset to our company. We will support you in your progression and growth and push you to achieve your ambitions.

At times it won’t be easy; the job at hand will be more tiring and dynamic than many other jobs, but if you have the correct mindset to achieve here, you will find it more rewarding and more stimulating. The opportunity to work alongside top managers within the industry and create tangible solutions is worth every effort.

Contrary to the traditional consulting model, our consultants are quickly involved in the success of our company. Development opportunities are uncapped; whether you join as a consultant, project manager, or partner, our objective will be to make you a senior partner, we want people that will become the architects of CEPTON.

Your time at CEPTON will be fulfilling and unforgettable.


Why I joined CEPTON

After graduating from the Ecole Polytechnique and Ecole des Mines, I wanted to work in the Healthcare industry. I worked for two years as a biotechnology venture capital analyst in a France Private equity firm, which gave me a broad overview of the key markets and trends in the Pharma industry.

I then decided to join CEPTON in order to gain in-depth knowledge of the organization and processes of big Pharma companies. I chose CEPTON, because of its strong orientation towards Healthcare and the opportunity that was given to work from the beginning with top manager of the industry, under the direct supervision of a partner.

Senior Consultant - Ecole Polytechnique, Ecole des Mines de Paris

Why I joined CEPTON

During my last year of study at Mines Paristech, I chose to do my internship in strategy and management consulting because I wanted to get a better view of industries’ activities and to have a direct impact on companies’ organizations and decisions. I was mainly interested in industry, CEPTON’s core competency. I was looking for a small firm, with a dynamic, successful and tight-knit team.

During this last year at Mines Paristech, I attended a presentation made by CEPTON Strategies which gave me the opportunity to have a closer look at the firm, their working approach, their team and their communication skills. CEPTON Strategies fulfilled all the criteria that were important to me and I was really convinced.

Business Analyst - Ecole Normale Supérieure, Ecole des Mines de Paris

Why I joined CEPTON

After graduating from ESSEC Business School, I decided to join CEPTON for multiple reasons : working directly with experienced partners, diversity of projects, and the strong empowerment given to consultants. We work in small teams, but the quality standards are extremely high, at the same level as the big international consultancies.

Senior Consultant - ISMANS, ESSEC Business School

Why I joined CEPTON

After graduating from my MBA, I was clear to me that I wanted to work as a strategy consultant. This career path would indeed give me the opportunity to discover a great variety of industries and issues as well as work with talented people from various background. Moreover, I wanted to gain a deep knowledge of the business fundamentals to have a real impact on the clients’ organization. After my graduation, I was contacted by one of CEPTON’s partners with whom I worked with previously during an internship and I joined the firm because it fulfilled my criteria as well as it gave me the chance to work in a human-sized environment with high dynamics.

Senior Consultant - Supelec, MBA Collège des ingénieurs

Why I joined CEPTON

After 2 years in operations strategy consulting in entrepreneurial structures, I wanted to switch towards even higher challenges and level of intervention within my clients organizations.

Strategy consulting was the right option for me, and CEPTON the right firm. Being specialized on very few industries, CEPTON was a guarantee for high impact and business oriented engagements.

Partners coming from top-tier strategy consulting firms or pharmaceuticals companies are also a good clue to assess the quality of management and the high level of expectations within the firm.

Consultant - Edhec, University of Alberta


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